How To Be Unique In a Copy Cat Society

In the words of King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, he observed and penned a simple truth: Ecc. 1:9, “The thing that hath been; it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.”

In other words, what has already been and what is already done will repeat itself. Therefore, nothing under the sun is new. There is not a new idea, concept or product that has not already been.

“How can that be?” you may ask. “Surely in King Solomon’s day hi-def television, leer jets, and ice-cream did not exist. Every day scientists are making new discoveries and technology is evolving quicker than the time it will take for me to make my point. So how can there be nothing NEW under the sun?”

The answer is simple: Though the discoveries are new, the resources, chemicals and atomic components to help birth these discoveries were here in the original creation of the earth; it’s just that every day as we ourselves evolve, we gain knowledge of fresh ways to harness what’s been here for our usage all along.

Now, how does that apply to “ideas”? Well, consider two things: First, your idea is not new even though it may be new to you. There are others who have had the same idea as you, but have not acted on it, and my have even taken that idea with them to their grave. Secondly, ideas develop as the resources to cultivate them become available; or, the idea itself is the discovery of something not yet revealed to service man-kind. These types of ideas usually warrant a patent and are granted awards (i.e. the Nobel Prize).

So in a nutshell, now that you know there is truly no “new” thing under the sun, then it only seems reasonable to adjust your thinking about the copy cat syndrome bred in our society particularly among women. While it is true that everything is a replica of something that already exists physically, or in the mind of someone else, then the challenge to the woman who desires to stand out from the crowd, becomes an issue of promoting her own uniqueness in a duplicable world system.

How does she rise above the mediocrity of laziness exhibited by those who would rather “copy & paste”, than labor to produce something that is original? How does she become a catalyst in her industry amidst the forerunners who has done and is doing what she desires to do?

How can her light be distinguishable enough to outshine even those who will take the easy way out and copy her ideas?

The answer to that lies tucked away in the same protection of one’s own individuality: It’s called DNA. That’s right; your physical DNA contains everything about you that makes you one-of-a-kind, and ‘copy cat proof’. There is another infallible protection that helps unveil your originality, and it’s called ‘purpose’.

So go ahead and feel confident about what you are doing, because even if there is a copy cat lurking around and observing all that you do, the one ingredient they are missing is your specific DNA. Trust me, the way you do business and implement ideas will be totally different than that of your competitor.

Also, the way you execute a thought and develop witty inventions will be unique to your character. But most importantly, your ‘purpose’ is and will always tied to the people you are destined to affect as well as the designated times and seasons of your life. This will always help your light be distinguishable, because whoever it is that your idea is supposed to affect whether it’s many or a few, will always recognize you as ‘certifiably authentic’ while the ‘knock-offs’ will pale in comparison.

Put your genius on display honey! Every idea, gift, dream and passion has a story. It’s your story so tell it, because no one, not even the stealthy copy cat can tell it like you! Mm, hmmm, now tell them Carmen said so!

© 2009 All rights reserved. Written by Carmen A. Gray – Duplication prohibited without express permission of the author.

Carmen A. Gray is a motivational speaker and founder of several women’s organizations in the Atlanta area. Her passion to “ignite” and inspire women in business is exemplified in local and international conferences, workshops/seminars and PR consults. Carmen’s background in business to business consultations and marketing, served as a catalyst for her women’s network group, Dinner With Friends (DWF); which focuses on marketing strategies for small businesses producing measureable revenue growth.


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